Eagle-Tribune Scholar Athlete finalist: Iverson Rodriguez, Larger Lawrence Tech | Native Sports activities


HIGH SCHOOL: Greater Lawrence Technical School

SPORTS PLAYED: Cross Country, Tennis, Indoor and Outdoor Track, and Basketball

BEST ACADEMIC ACCOMPLISHMENT: My best accomplishment as a student is being in the Top 15 of my class. I really didn’t notice how well I was doing compared to peers. When I found out my ranking it really put in perspective how much dedication I have been giving the last four years. It is an awesome feeling knowing that all those long nights I spent doing homework paid off in the end. 

FAVORITE SUBJECT: My favorite subject through the four years was definitely history. Before coming to Greater Lawrence Tech, math used to be my favorite, but the things I learned in history fascinated me. All the things from the past were super interesting to me, especially world history. Learning about the different wars and discussing moral and social issues was very insightful. It allowed me to view things from a other people’s eyes, and sometimes change my thoughts on certain topics.

FAVORITE MOMENT AS ATHLETE?: The best memory I have as an athlete would have to be our team winning the CAC cross country championships race. Even though I didn’t have as good a placement as I had expected or hoped for, I enjoyed running the race and being part of the varsity team. Cross country was probably the toughest sport, and to win the championship after everyone gave all that commitment, was rewarding. 

BEST ADVICE FROM A COACH: The results will eventually come through. There is times where you can get so impatient and frustrated that you aren’t getting the times or results you want. That’s why coach (Rob) Niceforo kept telling us to keep practicing and grinding because we would see improvements. It actual came to fruition when we won.

BALANCING ACADEMICS AND ATHLETICS: I’m not going to lie, sometimes it was really difficult to keep up with school and my sport. Thankfully, the coaches were really supportive with finishing assignments and getting to practice late to study after school. After a while I got used to a schedule and always tried to finish all my assignments by the end of class and if I didn’t, the teachers would allow me to finish in their classroom. 

ADVICE FOR INCOMING FRESHMEN: I would advocate for them to make a schedule. It doesn’t have to be written down, it could simply be mentally. If they get used to it, it will be second hand, and prevent them from procrastinating because their tired.

COLLEGE PLANS: I have decided to attend UMass Lowell. It wasn’t a tough decision because I always saw the college when I visited my dad in Lowell. I’m also thinking of getting into environmental engineering, and it has one of the best engineering programs in the country. The proximity also help save some money, due to me commuting.

FAVORITE CHARITY/COMMUNITY SERVICE: My favorite community service is for the Methuen Arlington Neighborhood. I’ve been part of the program since I was 13, and I volunteered helping younger kids with their homework and projects. This program helps everyone around the community from children to parents that are struggling financially. They have helped my family and me constantly, and it served as an outlet for when I needed help with school or getting jobs. 

BEST LESSON LEARNED THROUGH COMMUNITY SERVICE?: The best lesson I learned was that being busy can help you stay out of trouble. The time I spent volunteering for them, is time I spent away from bad influences. 

WHAT DOES BEING A LEADER MEAN?: A leader to me is someone who sacrifices their own time to make your team and group better. The most important thing is leading by example, being the first one there and the last one leaving.

IN 10 YEARS I HOPE TO … Be successful in any career I decide to do. I’m not completely certain that I want to do but if I do stick with environmental engineering, I hope to get a stable job. I’m 10 years I hope I grew as an individual.

REFERENCE: “Simply put, Iverson Rodriguez is an extraordinary young man. Iverson has a 4.16 GPA and earned honor roll every semester in high school. That’s impressive. But what’s really striking is the positive outlook he has in all aspects of life. He is driven and motivated to finish what he starts and finish it to the best of his ability.

“He excels in many areas such as academics and his career area of plumbing. He has enriched our school community with his infectious school spirit, kind personality, and extraordinary leadership skills. Throughout his high school career, he played basketball, tennis and ran cross county. Iverson has also held several jobs such as youth worker at Methuen-Arlington Neighborhood (MAN) Inc., Apprentice PipeFitter at Meridian Fire Protection and Crew Member at Chipotle throughout his high school career. The best is yet to come.”

— Colleen Abdulla-McGrath, GLTS guidance counselor


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