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McCann Tech graduates pop their party poppers ahead of schedule at Wednesday’s rainy graduation exercises.
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Some families stopped for a quick photo as the assembly fled the light rain that started as soon as the graduation. 

NORTH ADAMS, Mass. — McCann Technical School graduated 110 seniors on Wednesday night on the football field with the dramatic background of the mountains and a sea of umbrellas before them.


The gray skies let loose a steady rain that had the graduates eager to move things along — they applauded Superintendent James Brosnan for clipping his address and let go their party poppers a whole speech too early. 


But Principal Justin Kratz said he understood what a tough year it had been.


“Don’t get me wrong, the class of 2020 had it rough as well. But the class is 2021, and we’re going to use COVID terms, they’re the long haulers,” he said. “They had a lot of stuff thrown at them.”


Salutatorian Ciarra CKruzel said the four years seemed like a blur now but one event in her first CAD classes stood out when teacher Joshua Meczywor made a comment. 


“It was something along the lines of the smartest person is the one who admits they know nothing, which I later found out with something Socrates said,” she said. “From then on, I took that mindset and ran with it. And from this way of thinking, I grew. So not only did I learn lessons, academic lessons, you may or may not use in the future, but it also taught us about personal growth. We were taught how to change and become a better person.”


She thanked all the teachers who helped them over the years and through the pandemic, even if they probably were upset with them. 


“We greatly appreciate everything you’ve done to get us into school, even though it was just for two weeks, and any extra trouble or if you went through to educate us through the pandemic,” Kruzer said.


Valedictorian Stephen Perrault asked what they wanted to achieve in life — but not as the start of a “long, drawn out” speech about how you can do anything if you try harder. But rather, he said, to consider what what success really meant to them.


“I had been reaching for the stars but doing so had made me less happy than before,” he said. “Then one day when I was talking about the future with my dad, he told me do what makes you happy, enjoy life … perhaps instead of expecting myself to change the world I should just do whatever I’m capable of doing in order to make a life for myself.”


Perrault said he didn’t want his classmates not too aim high. Instead, he ecouraged them to take that motivation and funnel it in a direction that will be fulfilling.


“Aiming for what we really want to do so we’re not spending our days and months and years in a job we hate so we can consider ourselves successful or getter a bigger paycheck,” he said. “The point of life isn’t to obtain wealth but rather to find true happiness.”


Before handing out diplomas with Brosnan, School Committee Chairman Gary Rivers took the “dreaded word” COVID and found something positive in it. Taking the letters he found courage, optimism, viable, inspiration and dream — as in dream big.


Courage is the foundation to success, he said, and this pandemic provided an opportunity for students to endure, develop skills and maybe even find inspiration in new career paths.


“Dream big. If the world is going to get better, it’s going to be up to you,” he told the graduates. “With everything feeling like it’s up for grabs, this is your time to seize the initiative. 


“No one can tell you to wait your turn … no one can tell you that this is how it’s always been done. More than ever, this is your moment.”



Advanced Manufacturing


Connor A. Cirullo

Alahna Chante David

Kyle Matthew DuPont

Connor Michael Griswold

Damian Christian Kivlehan

Gabrielle Montgomery

Dillan Wade Morse

Stephen Michael Perreault

James David Pinckney

Grace Haile Towler




Carson Wayne Boyce

Christopher Joseph Bunt

Alexander Nicholas Kaiser

Ruth LeSage

A.J. McClary

Aspen Xander Trala


Business Technology


Ashlyn Nicole Belisle

Elizabeth Lily Biagini

Sarah Ann Fortini

Lily Jean Gifford-Blasi

MacKenzie Michelle Kupiec

Julianna Patricia Mazzeo

Zoe Jacqueline Oakes

Molly Rose Patenaude

Sawyer Colquhoun Smith

Alaina Renee Vigiard

Keaton Alexander West




Matthew Christopher Bailey

Skylar Jade Baker

Kaleigh Lynn Elser

Emilia Rose Howland

Alyse Judith Koloc

Adam Tyler Krutiak

Nicholas Christian LaForest

Alivia Rae Lesure

Jay Alexander Morris

Austin Skyler-Maclean Peck

Cole Thomas Poplaski

Dylan Michael St. Hilaire

Hannah Judith Stack

Nicholas Michael Thayer


Computer Assisted Design 


Todd William Belleau

Allie Ann Burdick

Jordan Michael Callahan

NIckolas Anthony Carpenter

Molly Ann Champney

Justin Fay Denette

Emma Katherine Desormeaux

Colby David Ghidotti

Daniel James Gigliotti

Ciarra Joyce Kruzel

Chase Victor Lancia

Autumn Nichole Matys

Brooke Alana O’Neil

Kolby Andrew Sawyer

Sean Nicholas Sumner

Luke Matthew Thomas

Ethan Ray Walden

Daniel James Williams


Culinary Arts


Zebulun Scott Blanchard

Jordan Elizabeth McDonald

Madison Lynn McLear

Maryjane Michaela Millard 

Darien Christopher Patton

Bryson James Rose

Gavin Reed Tetreault

Blake Alexander Todd




Austin James Bleu

Kevin Armond-James Gillette

Keegan George Haggerty

Huntter John Hathaway

Ezra Timothy Holland

Ethyn Perry Lasher

Martha Marie Leab

Devin Charles Mickle

Austin Matthew Miner

Landon Reid Murach

Joshua David Rand

Luke James Roberts

Brenden David Scott

Ethan Jared Earl Sweet


Information Technology


Colby John Andrews

Vincent Allen Brazeau III

Stanley Demetries Dykes

Lucas John Field

Katelyn Renee Haggerty

Mary Joanne Kipp

Ian Scott McClanan

Jonah Michael McNair

Caitlin Morgan Nicol

Samantha Paige Noyes

Taylor-Elise Madison Pecor

Hayden John Ryan

Alison Faith Sadlow

Karem Amer Safa

Sierra Cecile Tatro


Metal Fabrication


Keegan James Barrows

Logan Michael Briggs

Kaeli Marie Dean

Troy Michael Dean

Keegan Sean Dellaghelfa

Evan James Drawec

Noah James Grimes

Dakota Lawrence Hayes

Amy Lee Lafosse

Nicholas Michael Mroz

Shane Joseph Proctor

Omar Malik Ibn Uqdah

Simon Cole Zaleski

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