Ivy Tech Group School can pay 2021 Excessive College graduates to prepare for school

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI)-Learning loss is an issue that is concerning educators across the state of Indiana. Now Ivy Tech Community College in partnership with the Indiana Department of Education and the Indiana Commission for Higher Education is providing a bridge program to help graduating seniors who haven’t hit the bench marks needed in Math and English.

“The program will focus on those students who have not yet met college readiness benchmarks,” said Rebecca Rahschulte
the Vice President of K-14 Initiatives at  Ivy Tech Community College.  

The program has three different parts. The first is the completion of the knowledge assessment. The second is for students to enroll in Ivy Techs IVYT 111 course. That course focuses on student’s success in college and is worth college credit. That credit will sometimes transfer to other Indiana colleges. The third part is for students to enroll in any college in Indiana.

“It provides students with an overview of the skills they need to successfully complete a college degree or a certificate,” said Rahschulte.

When students finish each part of the program they will receive 100 dollars for each step they complete. The financial incentives are something Ivy Tech was able to create through federal relief aid.

“This program was in response to COVID and the impact on potential learning loss,” said Rahschulte.  ” This program will allow us to bolster or accelerate learning over the summer to really prepare these students to enter college in the fall.”

During the program, students will learn study skills as well as receive career support so they can pick a major or program that will give them gainful employment once they graduate.

“Students have the option of participating online virtually and in some cases face to face depending on-campus availability,” added Rahschulte. 

The program has two options for graduating seniors. There is an 8-week program, which starts on June 7th, and a four-week program, which starts on July 6th. The program is open to graduating seniors in Indiana who meet the guidelines or have been reached out to personally by Ivy Tech. Ivy Tech hopes to continue to program past the summer of 2021. To learn more about the program or to request information click here. 

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