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Louisiana Tech’s baseball team doesn’t need much inspiration on the field, after a successful 40 win season to date.

But, perhaps there’s some off the field? And, specifically from the speakers of the new J.C. Love Field/Pat Patterson Park?

You could say the Bulldogs are pumped up for the start of the NCAA Regional on Friday.

“We went down 8-0 [in the first Southern Miss game last Saturday], and [the team] basically said, ‘No, this isn’t how it’s going to end here at J.C. Love Field, “‘ says Louisiana Tech outfielder Steele Netterville. “‘It’s not going down at the ‘Shack like this’.”

Guess what? It’s not. We’re now hours away from the NCAA Regionals invading Northeast Louisiana.

“Pretty awesome to be able to host a regional for the first time, ever, I think, ” says Louisiana Tech infielder and West Monroe alum, Taylor Young. “Just man – just to be with those guys, what they mean to me, what they mean to us, it’s going to be pretty incredible.”

You could say the Bulldogs are pumped up?

“Phil Matulia is kind of a big [electronic dance music] guy, ” Young continues. “He’s the goofball on the team. He gets it rolling. They were just playing it a minute ago, and he was singing, ‘Pump it up.’ Yeah, it’s pretty funny. But, that’s our team song.”

T.Y.’s teammates have caught on.

“Pump it up means, ‘We like to party’, ” says Netterville. “On the field, we like to have fun. We like to have fun off the field with each other. We love each other genuinely. We love to be around each other. I think it’s a big part of the reason why we’ve been successful this year.”

Even head coach Lane Burroughs approves of the music.

“We need the DJ to keep going, ” says Louisiana Tech head baseball coach Lane Burroughs. “I don’t even know who that is. I need to meet him or her, because they’re doing a great job … I was getting texts from our donors, and they we’re saying, ‘When there’s 60 to 70 year old women up here dancing, you know it’s a good atmosphere. You guys keep going.’ I’m looking up during pitching changes, everybody’s dancing. I wanted to dance.”

As long as the teammates are bonding, that’s all that matters.

“It’s a game. It’s meant to be fun, ” says Louisiana Tech outfielder Parker Bates. “When you have that mentality, you just go have the time of your life.”

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