What’s on deep low cost (and what’s not)

(WSPA) – What a difference a year makes. Retailers are once again looking to lure you back into stores with some big discounts.

We’re talking Memorial Day Sales.

Savvy shoppers like, Greenville mom Samantha Navarro, have waited months for a sale that rivals Black Friday..

“We definitely wait for sales because having 4 kids means you spend a lot of money,” said Navarros.

And while she knows Memorial Day may not showcase the widespread sales we see in December, she also knows it really is the best time of year to snatch discounts on pretty much anything outdoorsy.

According to stores like Target, she’s dead on.

“Memorial Day is more of your outdoor sales. It’s usually the kickoff to going outdoor for the summer. So like your grilling stuff, your outdoor accessories like your pools, inflatable pools, pool accessories, your outdoor sports like soccer, football all that stuff,” said Chris Suggs, Executive Team Leader at the Greenville Target store.

He says one category you might overlook is groceries, which will have some of the very best sales.

From meat, produce, and chips to soft drinks and even adult beverages, anything you need for that grilling party will be discounted.

We should note, nowadays retailers really reward loyal customers. For instance, at Target, if you have the Circle App, you could have access to some of these holiday sales days earlier, plus extra discounts others may not have.

Now, if there is one thing the holiday is known for: it’s mattress sales.

“If you look at the 3 major times to buy a mattress, Memorial Day is number one, Labor Day is number two, President’s Day is probably number three. There will be a few other days in there that they may have some incentives, but generally those are the main three,” said Jon Ballard at Greenville Mattress on Woodruff Road.

Ballard says this is the time of year when big bedding manufacturers slash prices on brand name products. But, he adds, don’t forget the off-brands. Since stores like his will also be discounting those plus he will cover sales tax for the weekend. There are also good deals on online-only options like Casper, Purple Mattress and Turf & Needle.

Price tracking companies like DealNews.com can help you compare prices on products.

“Mattresses are definitely a good buy for Memorial Day but the majority of sales we are going to see is actually on clothing and those are going to be like the really high discounts,” said Julie Ramhold with DealNews.

And it’s not just the outgoing spring line. Department stores like Macy’s have 50% off select swimwear for the family.

Furniture will also be on deep discount, especially of the patio variety. Retailers like Overstock.com are offering what they call “blow out sales,” up to 70% off 1,000 items.

And we can’t forget big appliances like refrigerators, ranges, washers, and dryers which will be up to 40% off select models at retailers like Lowes, Home Depot, Best Buy and Wayfair.

There are some categories you should avoid. TV’s and electronics will be cheaper come Thanksgiving, and even grill sales will be hotter come Labor Day (while supplies last).

But with so many summer items on discount this month at least moms like Navarro can keep the kiddos smiling.

Whatever you are aiming to buy, be sure to read those product reviews, especially on appliances, mattresses, and furniture. And shop early since supplies may dwindle.

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