Greatest offers from Amazon’s Memorial Day sale 2021

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Here's the thing about Memorial Day weekend: Amazon is rocking the sale scene. (Photo: Getty Images)

Here’s the thing about Memorial Day weekend: Amazon is rocking the sale scene. (Photo: Getty Images)

It’s Memorial Day weekend! Time to unbutton, loosen up, kick back and indulge yourself. BTW, self-help includes rewarding yourself with some goodies that you’ve long wanted or needed. That’s where Amazon’s warehouse-sized Memorial Day deals come in — and oh, man, are they good.

The discounts seriously rival Black Friday’s. We’re talking TVs starting at $110, smartphones at $75, and so much more. Of course, while you won’t have to contend with rapacious Black Friday hordes, you won’t want to keep a rare find in your cart for too long, either — some other shopper is sure to snatch it up!

What about shipping, you ask? Well, if you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? Relax; you can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

Are you (finally) relaxed? Okay…let’s shop Amazon’s Memorial Day bonanza!


The perfect TV for your bedroom is right here! (Photo: Amazon)

Your dreamy bedroom TV is right here! (Photo: Amazon)

Need a good TV for your bedroom, guest room or kitchen? Amazon has one of its bestselling TVs, the Insignia 24-inch Smart HD TV — Fire TV Edition, on sale for just $110 (was $170).

As a Fire TV Edition, this model features video streaming with instant access to Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, YouTube, Disney+, Prime Video, Paramount+, Peacock and more. You don’t even have to add a streaming box or stick to this TV — it’s already built-in. Even better? Alexa is included in the remote. And shoppers are just as surprised by the TV, as we are by this deal!

“I am honestly very pleasantly surprised with how much I like this TV. I put this in the bedroom of my camper and we absolutely love the size,” wrote a delighted Amazon shopper. “As far as clarity goes, I believe 720p is plenty for this screen size…I have been very pleased with the Wi-Fi reception of the built in Fire TV. It actually works a lot better than the USB plug in external fire sticks, for whatever reason.”

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Headphones and earbuds

This is the all-time lowest price ever on these premium Beats! (Photo: Amazon)

Score these Beats at an all-time low price. (Photo: Amazon)

On sale for $149 (was $300), the Beats Solo Pro Headphones sync to just about any smartphone or laptop via Bluetooth, delivering rich audio and heart-thumping bass. Super sleek, the pro-level headphones come in Gray. They’re noise-canceling, so you can block out just about all background and ambient noise to enjoy your favorite music and podcasts.

“These are the best Beats so far. They sound very good and less bass heavy than previous models. Sound is really crisp,” wrote a delighted five-star reviewer. “Very worth it. The noise-canceling feature is so good. You basically cannot hear anything around you!”

The Beats have up to a whopping 40 hours of battery life per charge, so you don’t have to be tethered to a wall outlet all day long. In fact, they pump out a solid stream of music with top-notch audio for nearly two days.

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Smartphones and tablets

Ditch the Apple iPhone! The Android smartphones is so much better! (Photo: Amazon)

Android for the win. (Photo: Amazon)

The Motorola Moto G7 Plus — marked down this weekend to only $145, from $250 — is the affordable, multi-talented smartphone you’ve been waiting for. This Android model is equipped with 4GB of memory and 64GB of storage (expandable via microSD card) and is instantly upgradable to Android 10. It also comes with a 6.2-inch Full HD+ Max Vision display that’s super sharp and bright. It’s got a 16-megapixel rear shooter with a five-megapixel front-facing camera for video calls and selfies. Need extra security? The fingerprint sensor on its back ensures a super-secure login.

“This phone is better than you can imagine,” raved a savvy shopper. “Excellent build quality and body materials. The screen is responsive and has a good headroom. The operating system is the same as in Google Pixel, which is much more expensive. This is faster than any (budget) phone. I recommend it — a good buy for your family members who do not need a lot of unnecessary features, and at the same time you will get a very high-quality device.”

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Go to the carnival for more than 60 percent off! (Photo: Amazon)

Go to the carnival for more than 60 percent off. (Photo: Amazon)

No need to leave the couch for some fun — we’re bringing the carnival to you! Game publisher 2K Games’ Carnival Games for Nintendo Switch — on sale for just $15, down from $40 — will make you feel like you’re on the boardwalk with your pick of 20 classic carnival games to play. You can shoot basketballs, take down scary clowns, race drones, bowl and more. Plus, you can even win tickets and trade them in for prizes. Bring on the fried dough!

“Fun game — I made an in-home carnival for my boys during quarantine and set this up on the projector,” shared a delighted shopper and mother of two. “Made it feel like a real carnival. It’s fun and competitive and you can play as teams. Good price for a fun game, and it’s not hard to unlock levels.”

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Smart home

Get two smart home HD cams for one low price! (Photo: Amazon)

Get two smart home HD cams for one low price! (Photo: Amazon)

For Memorial Day, you can grab a YI Smart Security Camera 3 two-pack for just $50, down from $80.

Here’s the lowdown: The YI HD Cam 3 has a lot of great features, including two-way audio talk, Full HD video streaming and recording to a microSD card, motion detection, night vision, a magnetic base for secure placement and a handy app for smartphones and laptops. An optional Emergency Response Service feature can instantly connect you to your local fire, EMS services and police for around-the-clock peace of mind.

“I bought two of these Wi-Fi cameras for remote monitoring. I’ve never installed this kind of camera before and was concerned if I could get them set up properly,” shared a delighted five-star reviewer. “It turned out they are fantastic and so easy to set up! Within 15 minutes, both cameras are running properly and exceeded my expectations. The images are very clear. I have always wanted to be able to see my own home anywhere from my smart phone; this camera helped me to accomplish this. I am very happy.”

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This robot vacuum is Amazon's best-kept secret. Oops! The cats out of the bag! Now let's get to clean! (Photo: Amazon)

This robot vacuum is Amazon’s best-kept secret. Oops! The cat’s out of the bag. (Photo: Amazon)

A wild $350 off, the top-rated OKP K7 Robot Vacuum — just $130 with on-page coupon right now — is an ultra-quiet cleaning machine. It can tackle just about any household surface from hardwood to carpets to tile, while sophisticated sensors prevent collisions and tumbles. It’s also mighty powerful with up to 120 minutes of running time per charge. 

Raved a five-star reviewer: “It hides very well under one of our accent cabinets when it’s docked and charging. The perimeter mode hugs the walls and corners very well and the overall suction of the vacuum is very impressive. Unit is quiet and sleek looking as well! Highly recommended!!”

Wi-Fi–enabled, it’s compatible with the Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants. Grab it while it’s over 70 percent off!

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Work from home

Take working from home to new heights, literally! (Photo: Amazon)

Take working from home to new heights. (Photo: Amazon)

Working from home can be brain-draining. Why wreak havoc on your body too by spending it hunched over a too-low laptop? Get some sweet relief for your neck, shoulders and back with the Soqool Laptop Stand, which is on sale for just $15, or $75 off with on-page coupon at Amazon. That’s nearly a ridiculous 85 percent savings!

It’s specifically designed to get your laptop off your (actually, physical) desktop and raised to eye level, so you’re not wrenching your body into the shape of a question mark. It’s made from lightweight aluminum and ergonomically designed to keep your laptop cool with clever ventilation openings.

“My wife needed a laptop stand since she is now working from home — she needed to raise the laptop up for ergonomics and also because her work laptop often overheats,” shared a happy spouse. “I looked at several with adjustable heights, etc, but I chose this for simplicity. It requires assembly but includes the four screws and hex wrench needed, and is so easy a three-year-old can do it (literally — my three-year-old did it)…. It looks elegant, has nice stability, and the ends are curved up to keep the laptop in place. The height is just right for my wife’s workspace!”

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Delicious meals await. (Photo: Amazon)

Delicious meals await. (Photo: Amazon)

If you still don’t have a cast-iron skillet as part of your kitchen ensemble, you (and your meals) are seriously missing out. This one from Cuisinel — on sale for $30 for Memorial Day — comes pre-seasoned, so it’s ready to use out of the box. Its wonders are many: The thickness of cast iron allows for high-heat searing and ensures even heat distribution; it’s safe to use on all cooking surfaces (i.e., grills, campfires, ovens as well as stovetops) and it makes stir-frying, sauteing, searing and even baking almost comically easy.

“I washed, oiled, and baked the skillet for one hour at 350 degrees,” one shopper said. “Fried chicken shortly after and it worked perfectly! No sticking or need to scrub the skillet, just rinsed, washed lightly with soap, then oiled and baked again.”

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Roll away your dark circles. (Photo: Amazon)

A centuries-old anti-aging secret for just 10 bucks. (Photo: Amazon)

Puffy eyes don’t stand a chance with this rose quartz roller. It gently soothes and calms tired skin. It cools as it rolls across your skin, plus it gently massages while reducing the appearance of pores.

“This is great,” a shopper shared. “It comes with a little diagram showing you which directions to roll it to make the best impact on your skin. I especially liked that it felt like it relaxed the muscles in my face, relieving stress lines and also providing some relief to my migraine headache…. It is awesome. I am considering putting it in the fridge every day because the cold on my face [relieves] puffiness.”

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A long-time Amazon favorite. (Photo: Amazon)

A long-time Amazon favorite. (Photo: Amazon)

The buttery-soft ‘peachskin’ fabric makes Amazon’s bestselling leggings (just $15 right now) feel comfortable enough to wear day-in and day-out, while the high waistband cinches you in and ensures they won’t roll down halfway through your day. No need to worry about sizing, either. The Satina leggings are one-size-fits-all. And they come in 25 colors!

“These are my new favorite leggings,” writes a shopper. “They fit and frame my body like a glove, and are also sooo soft and smooth. The high waistband is so helpful on days that I want to wear a crop top and not show too much. It also holds everything in so I don’t have to feel self-conscious about my tummy. The high waistband isn’t uncomfortable at all, and it’s so flattering.”

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Health and wellness

This Purell gel will leave your hands feeling swell and leave no yucky smell. Amazon's ready to sell. Well? (Photo: Amazon)

This Purell gel will leave your hands feeling swell and leave no yucky smell. Amazon’s ready to sell. Well? (Photo: Amazon)

The past year taught us many things. Among them, that we can never possibly have too much Purell. This pack of three of the brand’s iconic formula is a must for any household, and the cooling gel leaves your hands feeling clean and hydrated — not sticky, like cheapo alternatives. Get a set for just $15 bucks right now. 

“Very happy with this product!” one shopper shared. “You can’t beat a name brand that is used in almost every hospital and doctors offices across the country.”

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Gently cradle your neck while getting the support you need. (Photo: Amazon)

Gently cradle your neck while getting the support you need. (Photo: Amazon)

These wildly popular pillows — they have over 115,000 reviews! — are incredibly soft to the touch but firm enough to provide that all-important support. Move around at night? The pillows’ no-shift construction minimizes bunches and distortion. The combo of cooling gel and breathable cotton is great for regulating your temperature — you’ll use these pillows in the winter, spring, summer and fall.

Another wrote: “My boyfriend, who is the pickiest man I know, has rated this pillow a 10 out of 10, which says a lot considering he’d find a flaw in just about any product. The pillow holds its shape and supports your head while being soft and comfy. At night, I roll around about as much as a pig in mud and this pillow works in every position.”

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We swear, it's sheer coincidence that this cat is color-coded with its comfy lair. (Photo: Amazon)

We swear, it’s sheer coincidence that this cat is color-coded with its comfy lair. (Photo: Amazon)

We can’t explain why kitties love ensconcing themselves in tight spaces (what are we, Animal Planet?). But if your cat loves to bury herself under blankets or wedge herself between couch cushions, we can say with authority that she’ll love this bed, which is really like a house all her own. Plus it’s self-warming, so she’ll be nice and toasty even when you blast the air conditioner. It’s so soft, you’ll wish you could curl up in there with her — but you know she’d never let you. That’s just the way she is.

“This bed has a bit of a flap which serves as warmth as well as protection for the wee one moving to a new home,” a cat mama shared. “Our new baby is very feral but this bed is slowly bringing her around. If she is nervous under the soft blanket, she enjoys a nap under the covers. If she is ready to face the world, she sleeps on top of the bed and watches everything going on around her. She will even let me pet her as long as the bed is nearby. This is also the softest bed I have ever purchased.”

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