Bitnine offers Graph DB to Nordic tech firm

SAN FRANCISCO, June 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bitnine (CEO Cheol Sun Kang) announced that the agreement with Norwegian tech company SPARWK AS was finalized to implement their own graph DB solution AgensGraph into SPARWK platform. Bitnine will cooperate with SPARWK to develop the sustainable music ecosystem utilizing the graph technology.

SPARWK AS was co-founded in 2019 by Robin Jenssen, CEO of Norwegian production company Dsign Music who’s behind 40 #1 placement on different billboard charts, and Jin Suk Choi, multi-platinum certified music producer who has established a vast global network by building bridges between east and west.

SPARWK’s co-founder and CTO Jin Suk Choi said that “The management of music copyrights globally is beyond complexity and has become more extreme with digital transition where trillions of data edges have to be administered. Our sole purpose is to build the integrity within the entertainment industry by handling the accurate information of copyrights and neighboring rights. We initially considered Swedish graph DB solution Neo4j, but decided to work with Bitnine since AgensGraph would meet our expectation in the technical approach towards the current problem”

Bitnine will contribute their expertise in data modeling and analysis to SPARWK to fulfill their value to transform and enhance the entertainment industry for every stakeholder.

Bitnine’s graph technology has been evaluated to be capable of fulfilling the needs of the evolving media industry. Bitnine’s CEO, Cheol Sun Kang, said that “As the major technology corporations such as Google (YouTube Music), Apple (Apple Music), Kakao (Melon), Naver (Vibe) have invested enormous resources into media platforms, Bitnine aims to expand the market to Europe and Northern America through the collaboration with SPARWK.”


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