Greatest Purchase Shops Will Shut Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving has always been a holiday where families gather for the traditional dinner. During the past few years many retail stores opened on Thanksgiving Day in the late afternoon to kick-off the Black Friday sales. However, last year was different. Many stores stayed closed on Thanksgiving Day and they relied on their on-line commerce to make-up for the business they lost by keeping their stores closed. It worked. Customers shopped on-line, ate their turkey and were happy. So were the store-keepers who were pleased with the results. Friday morning stores opened early with sharp value offerings.

Best Buy will keep their stores closed again this Thanksgiving. The company has many items that are popular on Black Friday such as flat screen TVs, tablets, electronic watches, smartphones and many other consumer electronics. Customers’ orders on line can pick-up their selection curbside or ship them home.

Best Buy is confident that it can serve millions of customers again this year as they did last year during the pandemic Thanksgiving period. Management indicated that this year Best Buy will have more ways for customers to shop easily and conveniently get their holiday shopping done over the Black Friday weekend and through the entire holiday selling season.

I strongly believe that keeping the stores closed helps associates morale and companies like Nordstrom

, Costco, Sam’s and others keep their stores closed on Thanksgiving Day. I congratulate Best Buy’s management for joining them since it allows associates to enjoy the holiday with a festive meal and their family.

Management of Best Buy has shown industry leadership by keeping their stores closed on Thanksgiving Day and by signaling to the rest of the industry that they should do the same. On-line purchases can readily be made on Thanksgiving Day.

I will publish more up-to-date information about stores that are open or closed as we get closer to Thanksgiving.

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