Voc-Tech’s Kaitlyn Winterson to play lacrosse at Rhode Island School

GNB Voc-Tech's Kaitlyn Winterson recently signed to play lacrosse at Rhode Island College.

NEW BEDFORD — An athlete for as long as she can remember, Kaitlyn Winterson was looking to challenge herself when she decided to give lacrosse a try in the sixth grade.

“It was something new and fun to do,” she said. “Everyone always played soccer. I’ve always played sports. I’ve been involved in basketball, soccer and softball. I hadn’t heard about lacrosse much. It was a new challenge.”

Winterson quickly fell in love with lacrosse, a sport she has excelled in at the high school level.

The GNB Voc-Tech senior recently became the first girls lacrosse player in school history to surpass 100 career goals.

GNB Voc-Tech's Kaitlyn Winterson is looking to finish her high school career strong in 2021.

“In terms of statistics, she definitely is a trailblazer in setting standards for the team,” said GNB Voc-Tech head coach Sarah Hartley. “Over the past four years, she’s been a part of our team becoming more competitive.”

Hartley has no doubt that Winterson will also succeed at the next level now that Winterson has signed to play lacrosse next year at Div. 3 Rhode Island College.

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