Academics union says it has take care of LAUSD over COVID-19 protocols for 2021-22 yr – Day by day Information

The Los Angeles teachers union announced on Thursday, June 10, that it has reached a tentative deal with LAUSD on safety protocols and other conditions for the 2021-22 academic year, which will see campuses reopen for full in-person learning five days week for the first time since the coronavirus began last year.

Superintendent Austin Beutner confirmed the proposed deal in a letter to Los Angeles Unified School District.

The proposed agreement is subject to ratification by more than 30,000 members of United Teachers Los Angeles and would be effective beginning June 23. The Board of Education would also have to OK it.

The deal is not too different from the current agreement the union and district hashed out during the coronavirus pandemic to return to hybrid learning in the classroom and online. All students, staff and visitors will have to wear masks when on campus.

“This agreement addresses the urgent issues facing educators returning full time to classrooms and other assignments,” a statement from the union said. “We will use 2021-2022 contract reopener negotiations and our full contract campaign to fight for additional improvements and to make sure that the temporarily increased state and federal funding is put to good use to support the healthy, healing, racially just schools our students deserve.”

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