The Greatest Amazon Prime Day 2021 Ring and Dwelling Safety Cam Offers

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As we return to our regularly scheduled lives beyond the four walls of our homes, home security cameras offer peace of mind when we’re out and about. Amazon Prime Day is a great time to pick up a discounted security setup, but some—like those from Amazon’s own Ring and Blink brands—are now on sale for Prime members.

The Best Amazon Prime Day Home Security Deals

Ring sells a wide range of home security products aimed at keeping you secure inside and outside your home. The company is best known for its video doorbells, but it also has a wide range of general-purpose security cameras as well as alarm kits for detecting a break-in. 

Currently, several of these devices are on sale, including the company’s popular Ring Spotlight cameras and its highly affordable Blink Mini camera. Be on the lookout for more discounts on both brands for Prime Day; we’ll update this story as more deals go live.

Ring Spotlight Cameras

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery
Ring Spotlight Cam Battery

Ring’s Spotlight cameras are excellent for monitoring any activity around the exterior of your home. Motion sensors can activate their built-in lights and start recording; wired and wireless models give you the flexibility to place them just about anywhere.

Amazon has also bundled a second-gen Echo Show 5 smart display with these cameras for an extra $10, a steal considering it was just released. Use it as a display for the camera feed.

Blink Mini with Echo Show 5
Blink Mini with Echo Show 5

Blink has several security camera kits on sale, with systems ranging from one to five cameras. The Blink Outdoor camera has motion detection, is weather-resistant, and can last for up to two years on battery.

The Blink Indoor camera is essentially the same as the outdoor camera without the weather resistance, which saves you a few bucks. Blink also sells a wired mini camera with built-in night vision and motion detection. This camera is among the least expensive security cameras you can buy; it’s great if you want to keep an eye on a mischievous pet.

Ring Video Doorbells

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2
Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2

We expect Ring’s Video Doorbells to go on sale closer to Prime Day, as they have in previous years. They add a camera and microphone to your front door setup so you can see and talk to anyone who approaches your porch. These devices also all have motion detection built-in, which is useful for catching package thieves.

The Ring Video Doorbell gives you 1080p video resolution with on-demand video, two-way audio, and advanced detection, while the Ring Video Doorbell 3 and Ring Video Doorbell 4 add features like dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity, a removable battery pack, interchangeable faceplates, and a corner kit. The Pro line features pre-roll video previews, quick replies, and Alexa greetings.

Ring Alarm Security Kits

Ring Alarm 5-piece kit
Ring Alarm 5-Piece Kit

Ring takes a different approach to home security with its Alarm security kits than it does with its line of cameras. Though you can purchase any of these kits with a Ring camera or video doorbell, none of the kits contain a camera by default. Instead these security kits rely on motion detectors and contact sensors to keep your home safe.

Essentially these devices watch for movement and then sound an alarm to alert you if someone breaks into your home. The motion sensors are best placed in common areas such as a hallway or near the front door, while the contact sensors can be placed on any door or window. Depending on how large your home is, you may want to consider the larger eight-piece or 14-piece kits that have more contact sensors than the base five-piece set.

Though these kits provide excellent security, for the best results you should consider purchasing a kit alongside some cameras. Some of the most popular Prime Day deals in previous years were on Ring Alarm security kits bundled with Echo smart home speakers or displays.

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