COVID-19 Is A Reminder That Catastrophe Restoration Tech Is Right here To Keep

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By Tanaz Choudhury

Business continuity and disaster recovery: two terms that seemed mundane before the COVID-19 pandemic are now a part of the most used words in technology outside of “Can you hear me/see me?”

Like everything else in technology: people, process plus product equals success. At TanChes, a full-service IT company and a value-added reseller in the public and private space, we have been pitching BCDR solutions since 2003. BCDR can be broken up into three phases:

(1) Business continuity before disaster

(2) Business continuity during a disaster

(3) Business continuity during disaster recovery.

If there is something 2020 taught is, it is to be agile, resourceful, and ready.

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Managing our successful BCDR solutions vertical at TanChes, we have learned that it all starts with the “human element.” Technology is closer to us than we ever imagined it would be and hence it is now a very strong part of the human psyche. Studies show that most of us are almost never more than three feet apart from our smart phones, if that.

Making decisions for disaster-related situations takes a toll on humans, because that requires us to reach within ourselves, creating an emotional state embedded in a logical conversation leading to a robust financial decision. One of the most important aspects of this conversation includes two of my favorite words: “perspective and resilience.” While proposing BCDR solutions, our teams keep in mind the perspective the client has and the needs whilst creating solution packages that will be resilient enough to survive the needs of their business and industry. It is not just about the “sale” but about the relationship. Robust solutions take the pressure off the decision makers and that is what brings about a win-win situation.

As an MSP, we strive to create an alliance that elevates our team from being just another vendor with just another product into a team that is their trusted technology advisor. Everyone understands the need of the BCDR solutions today, but the next challenge is finding the right fit for a partner to deliver these solutions effectively, efficiently and securely.

The global impact that 2020 created will not soon be forgotten, but what we need to remember is that the lessons learned can serve as a launching pad for the next evolution of technology in cohesion with productivity.

Tanaz Choudhury is president of Tanches Global Management Inc., a Houston-based IT solutions provider.

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