Studying to construct at TCSS summer season tech camp

Mason Bowden shows off the bench he built to his mother Daphne Bowden, father Morice, and brother Micah during a week at the Career Technical Summer Exploratory Camp at Northport CTE Annex at Tuscaloosa County High Thursday, June 10, 2021. [Staff Photo/Gary Cosby Jr.]

Parents arrived at the Northport Career Tech Education Annex at Tuscaloosa County High on Thursday to admire the creations of their rising sixth- and seventh-grade students. The students had participated in the Career Technical Summer Exploratory Camp, held in Northport and at Holt High School.

The camp, according to Terri Brewer, the Tuscaloosa County School System’s director of public relations, provided students the opportunity to learn about first aid and hands-only CPR, basic construction, machine and hand sewing, basic electricity and how to use hand tools and power tools.

The children at the Northport CTE Annex built wooden benches and learned how to use a variety of tools in the process. They even made their own furniture stain from scratch. Greer Williams, the construction framing, construction finishing and agriculture science teacher at Tuscaloosa County High, led the workshop.

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