Keep ready for something with this 3-day emergency package

Emergency preparedness is not something to slack off on. When you take a few simple steps to prepare for natural disasters, not only will you protect yourself and your family, but you’ll also obtain some much-needed peace of mind.

Survival experts and government officials emphasize the importance of making a plan for emergencies and natural disasters, whether it’s a fire, hurricane, tornado, flood or earthquake. Part of making a plan is to invest in supplies that will be there when you need them. Eton Corp’s 3-day Emergency Kit with American Red Cross has survival essentials so you can prepare for the worst.


When you open your Eton Emergency Kit, you’ll find food rations, drinking water pouches, tissues, hand warmers, a waterproof poncho, an emergency survival blanket and a box of waterproof matches. These items are all there to keep you alive if your access to food, water, shelter and electricity are cut off. A 37-piece first aid kit has the basics for treating injuries.

A five-in-one survival whistle lets you signal rescuers for help. The American Red Cross FRX2 hand-crank radio can be used to tune into emergency information. It doubles as a flashlight and charger so you can keep your phone powered up. This kit takes care of the survival essentials. Customize your emergency bag by adding copies of important documents, extra medication, pet food and anything else you might need if disaster hits.

Get this Eton Corp kit, which is designed to keep you going for three days for $55 with promo code: SAFETY25. Alleviate anxiety about emergencies by knowing you have a plan and the tools you need to survive. Don’t wait for a big storm or flood warning to start preparing for a disaster. Make a simple investment today so you’ll be stocked for the future.


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