Goldin in Take care of Japanese Firm; Newman Assortment Replace; Chilly Storage Mantle; Passion vs. COVID

Goldin Auctions is partnering with the largest chain of sports and gaming card shops in Japan.  The deal with MINT Co., Ltd., will enable collectors in Japan to “more effectively buy and sell high-value cards in the international market,” according to Goldin.

Each of the cards MINT sells through Goldin Auctions will be authenticated and graded by PSA. Beginning this month, collectors in Japan will be able to submit their cards to MINT to be sold through Goldin.  It’s expected to involve millions of dollars worth of collectibles each year.

“Interest in trading cards and collectibles is booming around the world and MINT is a leader in the Japanese market. But it can also often be a challenge for hobbyists in Japan to reach an international market when selling their cards,” stated Ross Hoffman, CEO of Goldin Auctions.  “We’re solving that problem for them and creating an entirely new way to ensure that Japanese consignors can get the very best prices for their cards.”

There are great cards hidden away everywhere. Even in cold storage rooms underneath the pickle jars in Canada.

That was the long-time resting place for a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle and some other vintage cards recently purchased by Just Collect.

About 15 years ago, a collector passed away and his wife decided to divide the collection into three shoeboxes for her grandchildren. After receiving their box, one of those grandchildren stuck it away until recently when his wife decided to find out what they were worth.

Among the cards in that box were some vintage hockey and baseball, including a stack of 1952 Topps baseball cards including—you guessed it—a Mickey Mantle.

They shipped the cards to Just Collect’s New Jersey offices. The Mantle was graded (PSA 1), an offer was made and a deal consummated. The card will be offered for sale soon.

Canada is one of the places where 1952 Topps high numbers were distributed as numerous different finds have been uncovered there over the years that originated with 1950s youngsters who grew up north of the border.

Bidding for the items in what could well be a $20 million collection of cards and memorabilia belonging to the late Dr. Thomas Newman is underway at Memory Lane with several already pushing deep into six figures.

The lone 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth #53 with a PSA 9 rating stood at $985,000 as of late Monday afternoon. It’s expected to sell for several million dollars.

A PSA 6 1916 Babe Ruth rookie card is at $635,000 while Newman’s PSA 9 ’33 Goudey Ruth #181 was at $440,000. A 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle PSA 8 that originated with the famed 1980s Alan Rosen find was at $450,000 and a 1925 Exhibit Lou Gehrig stood at $480,000.

Bidding runs through May 17.

As the world returns to normal, I chatted with Alan Goldsher of the Collectable Daily podcast about COVID’s impact on the hobby, the National and more. Listen below:

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