Save as much as $50 on AncestryDNA, 23andMe take a look at kits

As of June 16, select DNA test kits are on sale on Amazon for up to 42% off:

It’s a good year to be procrastinating on your Father’s Day shopping, considering it falls the day before one of the biggest shopping events of the year and the deals are coming in hot. (We’re talking about Prime Day, of course.) But just because you *can* get a nerdy tie or some bullet-shaped whiskey stones on sale right now doesn’t mean you *should*, you know? Let’s think outside the a little bit, people.

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Here’s a gift idea that ticks the “bargain” box and the “not a boring cliché” box: a DNA test kit from either AncestryDNA or 23andMe that’ll give Dad the unique opportunity to explore his own heritage. As of June 10, four such kits were on sale on Amazon for up to 42% off, saving you as much as $50. Here’s a quick breakdown of all of your options:

Want to help Dad connect with some long-lost relatives? Using nothing more than a simple saliva sample, the basic AncestryDNA test produces an Ethnicity Estimate based on over 1,000 different regions to reveal exactly where your dad’s ancestors came from (sometimes with a timeline of historical changes and expert-curated content, depending on the region). He’ll also receive access to a DNA Matches feature, which pulls up a list of people who share parts of his DNA, in addition to StoryScout, a tool that sifts through historical records and public family trees to find out more about the fam.

Amazon has it on sale for only $59, which is 40% off its usual retail price of $99.

For only $10 more, you can upgrade to the AncestryDNA + Traits kit that tests for over 25 different traits — that’ll tell Dad how his genes have influenced some of his defining characteristics (like eye color and freckles) and how they connect him to people from the same regions as him.

Normally $119, Amazon has this kit on sale for just $69 — a 42% savings.

Our favorite DNA test kit brand 23andMe, which also relies on a mailed-in saliva sample, looks at over 2,000 regions to figure out where in the world Dad’s family originated, going so far as to pinpoint when different ancestries were introduced to the family tree and how many generations ago he had an ancestor from a specific population (with super-accurate estimates down to 0.1%). Its Ancestry + Traits kit gets Dad more than 80 personalized reports and unlocks two nifty features — DNA Relative Finder and Automatic Family Tree Builder — for further familial exploring.

Order one off Amazon for just $88.95, or 10% off its $99 MSRP.

23andMe’s premium Health + Ancestry kit takes DNA testing to the next level with 150-plus personalized reports and additional health features, which will show Dad how his genes affect his chances of developing certain health conditions (like Type 2 Diabetes) as well as certain lifestyle factors (like muscle composition).

This one usually sells for $199, but you can get it on sale ahead of Prime Day for just $149 (a 25% savings) by ticking the coupon box on its product page before heading to checkout.

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