5 important journey tech suggestions to assist present a stress-free journey

Before your next flight, try getting a digital boarding pass and ditch the paper version.

Every summer, I get the travel itch. Before you head out, make sure your home is locked down. The bad news is security cameras, from video doorbells to a full-fledged security system, aren’t always hack-proof out of the box.

Tap or click here for the steps to make sure only you can access your security and video doorbell camera’s feed. It’s an important step whether you’re traveling or not.

Speaking of cameras, best check your rental for any hidden cameras. It happened to me. Tap or click here for steps to spot a hidden camera.

Now, let’s jump into the essential steps before you hit the road to save you time, money, and a whole lot of stress.

1. Take photos of all your important documents

Of course, you always need to carry identification when traveling, but it’s wise to have a digital backup, too. Worst case scenario, you lose your wallet. It will be a lot smoother getting home if you have photos of all your important documents with you.

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