These 20 Prime Day Android pill offers are all value a glance

On Prime Day, the deals are a dime-a-dozen, and that includes some of the best Android tablets that money can buy. Ranging from the best Amazon tablets — some of our favorite Amazon device Prime Day deals — to Samsung’s best tablets, there’s something here for everyone. But one of the more intriguing tablet deals that has appeared today has been for the Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Plus. This tablet features a 10.3-inch display, is powered by an octa-core chipset, and even includes a combination of 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. And for Prime Day, it can be yours for just $140, a savings of $90.

Lenovo Smart Tab  M10 Plus Dock Render

Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Plus | Save $90 at Amazon

Lenovo’s Smart Tab M10 Plus is rather unique in that it’s not made by Amazon, but includes a speaker dock that turns it into an Alexa smart display. The speakers aren’t too shabby either, as the dock is equipped with dual 3W speakers that are tuned with Dolby Atmos.

But what makes this our favorite pick of the Prime Day festivities isn’t just because it’s a solid tablet from Lenovo. Instead, it’s the included speaker dock that sports dual 3W speakers that have been Dolby Atmos-tuned. When docking your Smart Tab M10 Plus, your Android tablet is transformed into an Alexa smart display, similar to the Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021) when it’s docked. So you can ask it to play some music from your favorite streaming service, or to ask what the weather will be tomorrow, all why your tablet is being re-charged.

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Best Amazon Tablet Prime Day Deals

Amazon Fire Hd 10 2021 Water

Source: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central

As you might have expected from Amazon on Prime Day, just about every Amazon FIre HD tablet has been marked down to celebrate. Outside of Samsung tablets, Amazon’s Fire tablets are the next-best tablet option even though they don’t run your garden-variety version of Android. Instead, you’ll find Amazon’s Fire skin over Android, complete with the Amazon App Store instead of the Google Play Store, and quick access to all of Amazon’s various services.

Amazon Fire Hd 8

Amazon Fire HD 8 | Save $45 at Amazon

With the Fire HD 8, you have four different colors to choose from, up to 12 hours of battery life, and (finally) a USB-C charging port. This is a step above Amazon’s base model Fire HD tablet and will perform admirably as a media consumption device with the occasional web browsing.

From $45 at Amazon

Amazon Fire Hd 8 Plus 32gb

Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus | Save $45 at Amazon

There aren’t many differences between the Fire HD 8 and the HD 8 Plus, but there are just enough. The Fire HD 8 Plus is equipped with an extra 1GB of RAM, features wireless charging, and offers faster charging speeds, all while maintaining the same features found in the “normal” Fire HD 8.

From $65 at Amazon

Amazon Fire Hd 10 2021 Denim Reco

Amazon Fire HD 10 | Save $70 at Amazon

The Fire HD 10 has finally been updated after feeling like a forgotten product in Amazon’s lineup. You’ll get a nice 1080p display, either 32GB or 64GB of storage, and up to 12 hours of battery life. Performance should be good enough with its 3GB of RAM, plus you’ll have the added benefit of hands-free Alexa, which is a nice touch.

From $80 at Amazon

Amazon Fire Hd 10 Productivity Bundle Render

Amazon Fire HD 10 Productivity Bundle | Save $120 at Amazon

When Amazon introduced the updated Fire HD 10, the company also revealed a new Productivity Bundle for those who enjoy Fire tablets but need to get some work done. The tablet itself is exactly the same, but this bundle includes a detachable Bluetooth keyboard and a one-year subscription to Microsoft 365 Personal. This includes 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage, can be used on up to five devices, and provides access to Microsoft’s Office 365 suite of applications.

From $150 at Amazon

Amazon Fire Hd 10 Plus

Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus | Save $70 at Amazon

Amazon’s new Fire HD 10 Plus is the company’s most powerful tablet ever, while including many of the same features as the normal Fire HD 10. With the Plus model, you’ll get 4GB of RAM, wireless charging, and a soft-touch finish.

From $110 at Amazon

Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus Render

Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus Productivity Bundle | Save $120 at Amazon

Just like the Fire HD 10 Producitivity Bundle, this bundle includes the Fire HD 10 Plus, along with a Bluetooth keyboard and a one-year Microsoft 365 subscription. If you want the most power offered in a Fire HD tablet, this is the way to go.

From $180 at Amazon

Best Kids Tablet Deals for Prime Day

Amazon Fire Hd 10 Two Kids Lifestyle

Source: Amazon

The kids have to have some fun too right? Or at least they need something to keep them occupied for a little while that isn’t just YouTube. With these Fire Kids Edition tablets, Amazon includes a protective case that comes in different colors, along with one year of Amazon Kids+. This subscription provides access to more than 20,000 different types of educational and fun content, ranging from Disney to PBS Kids, and more. Plus, parents will have more access over the different apps and content that can be viewed, giving you the control that you may want over your children’s devices.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Cropped Render

Amazon Fire 7 Kids | Save $40 at Amazon

Take Amazon’s cheapest tablet in the Fire 7, slap an ultra-protective case on it, throw in Amazon Kids+, and that’s what you’ll get with the Fire 7 Kids. This is the base model Fire 7 tablet with all of the kid-friendly content that your little ones will use to learn and enjoy.

From $60 at Amazon

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Pro Render

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Pro | Save $40 at Amazon

The biggest difference between the Fire 7 Kids Pro and the Fire 7 Kids is really only the case. Instead of including a big and bubbly case, Amazon has slimmed things down, as this tablet is more aimed at older kids instead of the little ones who need the extra protection. The Kids Pro also includes voice and video calling, while providing a new digital store that is still kid-friendly, but isn’t as limited as what you’ll find on the standard Fire 7 Kids.

From $60 at Amazon

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids 2020 Reco

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids | Save $70 at Amazon

As you would expect, the Fire HD 8 Kids is just a step above the Fire 7 Kids, but still includes one-year of Amazon Kids+, a child-proof case with a built-in stand, and two-year warranty. But with the Fire HD 8 Kids, you’ll find USB-C charging and the ability to add up to a 1TB microSD card.

From $70 at Amazon

Amazon Fire Hd 8 Kids Pro Render

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Pro | Save $70 at Amazon

When it comes to the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro, you’re getting all of the same features and functionality as the Fire HD 8 Kids, with a differences. For one, the case is much slimmer, while maintaining the adjustable stand, but the home screen can also be customized. There’s even an “open web browser” complete with built-in filters so your older kids can browse the safe areas of the web and won’t end up in a rabbit hole.

From $70 at Amazon

Amazon Fire Hd 10 Kids Sky Blue Reco

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids | Save $80 at Amazon

Everything is better with a bigger screen, and that’s what we’re getting with the Fire HD 10 Kids. This tablet sports a 10.1-inch 1080p display, 32GB of storage, and a super-protective case. Parents will enjoy the one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, along with the two-year worry-free warranty guarantee.

From $120 at Amazon

Amazon Fire Hd 10 Kids Pro Doodle Reco

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro | Save $80 at Amazon

Just as is the case with the other “Kids Pro” tablets, the Fire HD 10 Kids Pro also sports a slimmed down case with an integrated kickstand. It also allows for the home screen to be customized, while opening the types of content capable of being viewed, as this is aimed at older children.

From $120 at Amazon

Best Prime Day Samsung Tablet Deals

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Source: Joe Maring / Android Central

Take one look at the best Android tablets, and the list is filled with options from Samsung. Not only does Samsung make the best “flagship” Android tablet, but just like the best Android phones, Samsung has tablet options at almost every price point. And if you’re looking for one of the best tablets for Prime Day, we’re sure that Samsung has something for you to choose from.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Product

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 | Save $80 at Amazon

For Prime Day, you can save almost $100 on one Samsung’s newest tablets in the Galaxy Tab A7. This tablet launched in late-2020 with a 10.4-inch display, 3GB of RAM, and a quad-speaker array with Dolby Atmos audio. It’s also compatible with an S Pen, but you’ll have to pick one up separately.

$200 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite | Save $110 at Amazon

When the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite was released, it introduced a new way of thinking for Samsung tablets. The Tab S6 Lite offers about 90% of the experience provided by the normal Galaxy Tab S6 at a fraction of the price. That includes an S Pen in the box and superb battery life.

$320 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 | Save $166 at Amazon

With the Galaxy Tab S7, you’re getting a flagship tablet experience with a 120Hz display, an S Pen in the box, and solid battery life. There are a few differences that set this apart from its larger brother, but this is the tablet that the majority of people will want as it’s a bit more lightweight and portable.

$485 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ | Save $196 at Amazon

If you’re looking for the best of the best in the Android tablet, look no further than the Galaxy Tab S7+. This tablet sports a massive 12.4-inch display, is powered by the Snapdragon 865+, and can easily turn into a portable laptop with the optional keyboard case and Samsung DeX.

$655 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 | Save $60 at Amazon

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 is getting a bit long in the tooth at this point, but it still serves a purpose if you want a smaller tablet with Samsung’s software prowess. In fact, this may be the best tablet to use if you want to take advantage of Microsoft’s recently-launched Xbox Game Pass services with cloud game streaming.

$140 at Amazon

Best CHUWI Prime Day Tablet Deals

CHUWI HiPad X Lifestyle

Source: CHUWI

CHUWI may not be a household name, but you’ve likely seen the different tablet offerings available on Amazon over the years. It seems that the company is trying to fill the void left by the more budget-friendly Huawei MediaPad tablets that reigned supreme a few years ago. If you want to try something different, then CHUWI is your best bet and there are a couple of great deals for Prime Day.

CHUWI HiPad X Render

CHUWI HiPad X | Save $46 at Amazon

The CHUWI HiPad X offers solid performance with its 10.1-inch display complete with dual SIM card slots and up to 15 hours of battery life. For Prime Day, you’ll be able to knock off 20%, getting this for just $183.

$183 at Amazon

CHUWI HiPad Plus Render

CHUWI HiPad Plus | Save $60 at Amazon

With the CHUWI HiPad Plus, you’ll find a slightly larger display, coming in at 11 inches, along with a 2K IPS panel and 16:10 aspect ratio. This tablet is rated for up to 15 hours of battery life and also features support for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi connections, so you can enjoy faster download speeds.

$239 at Amazon

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