These Prime Day Roomba Offers Are Virtually Over

Prime Day and robot vacuums go together like chocolate and peanut butter (which, incidentally, are two things that robot vacuums can clean up for you. One of the most popular names in robot vacs is iRobot’s Roomba, and several Roomba models are on sale right now (along with the brand’s sister robots, Braava mops). In fact, you can save up to 40% on an autonomous, Wi-Fi-enabled Roomba vacuum or Braava mop.

The advantages of robot vacuums like the Roomba are clear. Almost fully automated, they clean you floors and carpets hands-free and on-demand. Want to see what iRobot has to offer for Prime Day? Check out the iRobot storefront on Amazon for all the sales, or scroll down for our roundup of the best models (and we’ve weeded out the ones that are sold out for you, too). There are only a couple of hours left to save money on a new robot house cleaner, so don’t procrastinate.

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Best Braava and Roomba Prime Day Deals on Amazon

Save $100 On iRobot’s Most Affordable Roomba

The most affordable pick from iRobot’s sale is the Roomba 692, at a little less than $200. The Roomba 692 offers three stages of cleaning using multi-surface brushes and suction, and has an auto-adjusting cleaning head that moves with ease over hard and carpeted surfaces. With a fully-charged runtime of 90 minutes, the vacuum has a low profile design that fits under furniture, and sweeping brushes that clean along baseboards. While it’s not compatible with smart home devices like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, the Roomba 692 can be programmed to clean on a schedule or focus on certain high-traffic areas via the iRobot Home app.

Get 40% Off iRobot’s Popular Braava Jet M6 Robot Mop

 If you’ve ever dreamed of having a fairy clean your kitchen and dining room floors after mealtime, the Braava Jet m6 can do that and more. It has two cleaning modes to dry sweep or wet mop surfaces including hardwood floors, tile and stone, so you can first clear the area of crumbs, dirt, and pet hair before giving floors a clean and shiny finish. Two cleaning pads are included for dry and wet cleaning, and the wide spray stream prepares floors for scrubbing of sticky messes, spills and grease. The Braava Jet m6 is ideal for use in high-traffic areas like mudrooms, entryways and kitchens, and can be programmed using your smart home device or the iRobot Home app to clean when you’re asleep or away from the home.

Save $70 on the Roomba i7, a Smart Room-Mapping Vacuum

The i7 is one of iRobot’s most sophisticated models. Equipped with Wi-Fi and a suite of sensors, it can map your home, complete with virtual barriers that prevent it from going places you don’t want it to clean. You can direct it to clean the whole home or just specific rooms—and you can do that using the mobile app on your phone or by voice through Alexa or Google Assistant.

Save $250 On iRobot’s Best-Selling Roomba For Pet Parents

iRobot’s Roomba i4+ is the best option for pet owners who need help cleaning fur, dander, and tracked-in dirt, as well as everyday spills. It features some of iRobot’s more advanced technology, including a charging dock that doubles as a self-emptying waste bin that can hold up to 60 days of debris, a three-stage cleaning system with sweeping brushes, rubber rollers, and suction. It can also be programmed and controlled using voice Google Assistant and Alexa. The Roomba i4+ also has a reactive sensor to help it avoid areas where it’s prone to get stuck, so every cleaning session is productive, whether you’re at home or not.

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