New OC Sonny Cumbie hopes to repair Texas Tech’s lagging offense

Sonny Cumbie is back home at Texas Tech.

Back home, where he was once a walk-on quarterback from Snyder buried deep on a very deep depth chart.

Home, where he had a spectacular final senior season that included more than 4,700 yards passing and a pair of 70-point scoring days and a bowl victory.

Home, where he worked for Mike Leach and later his former teammate Kliff Kingsbury as an assistant coach.

And maybe home where he belongs, at a place where if he’s not the favorite son, he doesn’t rank far behind Kingsbury or Leach or Patrick Mahomes.

“If you ask B.J. Symonds, he’d say he’s No. 1,” Cumbie joked. “Mahomes, I’m not even in that hemisphere. None of us are.”

After a successful stint as TCU's offensive coordinator, Sonny Cumbie has returned to Texas Tech, where he was a 4,000-yard passer under Mike Leach and a former teammate of Kliff Kingsbury. “It’s a place I’m very comfortable at," Tech's new offensive coordinator said. "Lubbock and the school have grown a lot, but it still feels the same.”

Heck, Cumbie and his wife, Tamra, even considered buying their old house in Lubbock just a fly route or so away from Jones Stadium before deciding it might be a little cramped for them and their two sons, 8-year-old Grey and 5-year-old Hays.

That said, Cumbie knows his way around Buddy Holly’s former hometown, and it just feels like a fit after seven seasons at TCU.

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So does he feel like he’s home?

“Yeah, I do,” he said during a phone interview as he drove from Houston to San Antonio to hold summer football camps. “It’s a place I’m very comfortable at. Lubbock and the school have grown a lot, but it still feels the same.”

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