Nonetheless Financial savings To Be Had On All Fashions

Prime Day is a great time to buy headphones, such as Apple’s range of high-end models which are rarely discounted and often in such demand you just can’t get hold of them. This Prime Day was a double-whammy, then, as every kind of were available, and some of them at the keenest prices yet seen. Even the newest headphones, the over-ear AirPods Max, are up for grabs at discount.

Of course, other retailers don’t stop selling on Prime Day. In fact, they offer great prices themselves to draw customers away from Amazon. The Prime Day frenzy is over and prices have gone back up, but you can still save on a pair of AirPods. We’ve scoured other stores, from Best Buy to Walmart and others, to make sure you get the best deals around.

The Best Apple AirPods Pro Prime Day Deals

Apple’s noise-cancelling true-wireless headphones are extraordinary. The audio quality across the board is sensational and, so far, nobody has beaten the noise-cancelling quality they offer.

There are three sizes of silicone ear tips so you can be sure of the perfect snug fit and—only Apple—there’s even something called the Ear Tip Fit Test which plays music through the earbuds and listens to how it sounds to make sure you’ve got things just right.

There’s more. Spatial Audio lifts the quality of the music of certain content. If you’re watching a compatible movie on an iPad, for instance, it even locks the audio to the display, so if you turn your head, the sound is still coming from the right place. Even more features are coming this Fall with iOS 15.

It was 24% off for Amazon Prime Day, $190 total, but they have since sold out. Amazon is known to restock products at random intervals, so it’s always worth checking to see if they’re available. The Prime Day discount wasn’t the lowest price these headphones have ever been, but it was only $10 off the mark. There’s on telling how much more it’ll be once it makes its Amazon return.

Walmart price-matched Amazon during Prime Day, but unlike Amazon, their stock is still available, and you can still save a good bit with its $197 price tag. This is another great deal that’s worth checking out if you missed the bottom earlier this week.

If Walmart sells out, Target also has a decent price still going at $220. It’s not the best deal you’ll find, but stock seems to be a little more plentiful there.

If stock is scarce and you can’t find it elsewhere, Best Buy has a deal that’s almost as good as Target’s, saving you an extra $20 off the true sticker price.

The Best Apple AirPods Max Prime Day Deals

The look was all-new: Unlike other AirPods, these are available in a better variety of colors. Five colors, in fact. There’s Space Gray and Silver for an understated look, or Pink, Green and a splendid Sky Blue for those people wanting to make more of a splash.

The noise-cancelling is spookily good, making it possible to work without losing focus in even the noisiest of situations. The same Spatial Audio features found on the AirPods Pro are also here on the Max. The only downsides were the high price and the complete lack of availability due to huge demand. Well, today, the price is just a tad lower at Amazon. It’s $522, which is about $28 off the maximum.

Unfortunately, the Silver model is the only one still on sale at Walmart, but the $519 price tag is currently the best you’ll find.

The Best Apple AirPods Amazon Prime Day Deals

If you don’t need noise-cancelling, then the original AirPods are still a heck of a buy. And, actually, they’re not the original: They look identical but Apple added a more powerful chip last year so you can do cool things like invoke the personal assistant just by saying “Hey, Siri” with no need to touch the earbud as you previously needed to do.

AirPods With Wireless Charging

And it now comes in two versions: The regular model with a charging case that needs a Lightning cable connector to recharge it (read on) and this one, which is wireless-chargeable. So, you can plonk it down on any wireless charging pad and they’ll start getting a charge that way.

This is a good discount and effectively means you’re getting the wireless charging capabilities for nothing. Walmart’s price got even lower after Amazon Prime Day with a steep drop to $145.

The Best Buy price is just one measly cent more than Amazon. Moral of the story: If you’d rather shop elsewhere, you can.

Apple – AirPods with Wireless Charging Case (Latest Model) – White

Target matches Best Buy’s price. This product is one of the most evenly priced, wherever you look.

Apple AirPods With Wired Charging Case

The basic AirPods do everything the ones in the wireless charging case do, but you need a Lightning cable to charge them. Otherwise, they’re identical.

All AirPods have neat features thanks to sensors which know if they’re in your ears or not. The most natural thing to do when someone talks to you is to take one earbud out of your ear. When you do, the music pauses automatically and resumes when you put it back in. Lovely. Walmart has the best price around for these headphones, saving 99c over the Target price and $10.99 compared to Best Buy.

Target also nearly beats the best discount currently available on the entry-level AirPods. If you don’t fancy Walmart, this is a great source to snag some.

Best Buy’s isn’t the biggest discount ever, but it’s still a meaningful amount of money to save.

Amazon’s stock is pretty much sold out now, though more is on the way and you can still place an order for $119.

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