All one of the best Xbox Prime Day offers, curated by our gaming guru Jez Corden

Prime Day is coming to a close (thank god), but there’s still time to grab some good deals on things you might actually want for Xbox, on stuff I’ve actually personally used and recommend. I helped curate our roundups of best Xbox Prime Day deals and best gaming headset Prime Day deals too, so if you’re looking for a broader selection do head over there.

Do note that all Xbox Series X and Series S accessories and headsets are all fully compatible with Xbox One consoles too!

HyperX CloudX Gaming Headset

Best entry-level headset:
HyperX CloudX (Wired, Xbox, PC) | Save $20

This 3.5mm headset is compatible with Xbox, PC, and any device that has a 3.5mm jack. The construction is solid and the fit is comfortable and lightweight, with a solid soundscape to boot. The HyperX CloudX headset is enjoying a decent savings for Amazon Prime Day, and it remains my go-to pick for an entry-level headset recommendation. In terms of raw value, this is one of the best Xbox headsets on the market. The soundscape is warm and balanced, and the headset is known for its airy design and lightweight construction.

$50 (was $70) at Amazon

Razer Turret

Keys baby please:
Razer Turret K&M | Save $60

The Razer Turret is also enjoying a sizeable sale for Amazon Prime Day, and I wish I’d waited a bit to take advantage. I actually purchased one of these recently for its full price, and think they’re a great companion accessory for Xbox gaming. You can play strategy games like Surviving Mars with a keyboard and mouse instead, and some competitive shooters even allow for keyboard use, like Fortnite.

$190 (was $250) at Amazon

Beboncool Battery Xbox Charger

BEBONCOOL Xbox controller batteries | Save 20%

This BEBONCOOL battery pack is enjoying a 20% saving for Prime Day, and it has become my go-to rechargeable battery pack solution for Xbox gamepads. The cells are beefy at 2550mAh, and the USB-based charge dock can be connected to a port on your Xbox for easy charging. Two cells ensures you always have one charged up and ready to swap in, and they’re larger than the standard rechargeable batteries you often get.

GameSir X2

Xbox Game Pass gamepad:
GameSir X2 | Save $52

The GameSir X2 is a great Android gamepad that works with Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming. The unique and patented clamp design and USB-C pivot means this device works with virtually any phone and even smaller USB-C based tablets, giving you Xbox-like tactility in mobile games.

Razer Kishi Controller

Alternative Game Pass controller:
Razer Kishi Controller (Android) | Save $28

I should certainly throw the Razer Kishi recommendation in here too. Arguably, it’s more ergonomic and comfortable to use than the GameSir, accommodating larger adult hands better than the smaller X2. However, the GameSir’s clamp and USB-C pivot is unbeatable for compatibility. If you DO have a device that is listed as supported by the Kishi, though, it edges the GameSir ever so slightly thanks to a better app experience, and larger design. My Note 20 Ultra is ever so slightly too big for the Kishi.

$52 (was $80) at Amazon

Echo Dot

Voice commands:
Amazon Echo | Save $25

The Amazon Echo is a great little device that has become the cornerstone of my smart home setup. I use mine to control lights, my TV, media playback, and more, but after recent updates, you can use it with your Xbox as well. The Xbox app for Alexa lets you install Xbox Game Pass titles using your voice, as well as control your console’s power and media playback features as well.

$25 (was $50) at Amazon

Galaxy Tab A

Xbox Game Pass tablet gaming:
Samsung Galaxy Tab A | Save $60

This is another Game Pass option ultimately. I always found playing Xbox Game Pass cloud games on a small-screen like a phone to be a bit claustrophobic. The Galaxy Tab A is just $140 for Prime Day, and provides far more screen real estate for gaming on the go. You can pair a standard Xbox controller with Bluetooth, or use the Bluetooth-based GameSir X2 to create something of an Xbox Nintendo Switch using its innovative clamp mechanism.

$140 (was $200) at Amazon US

Prime Day

If I had to recommend one product on this list it would be the GameSir X2. This is a truly great Android gamepad that elevates the potential of Xbox Game Pass cloud, and it fits far more devices than its closest competitor, the Razer Kishi. Both are great though, and arguably the Kishi edges out the GameSir X2 if you have a fully compatible phone. My Note 20 Ultra was just a litttttttttttle too tight for it.

Be sure to keep an eye on our other Amazon Prime Day roundups, and let me know if you grab anything.

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