A Broadcast Tech Veteran Remembers the Early Years of Cable Entry TV

MIAMI BEACH, FLA.—In 1977 I was 14 years old and desperately wanting to work in radio or TV.  At that time, being 14 really eliminated radio, plus I had a squeaky “kid voice.” Our local cable TV system was one of the earliest in the country and the local person with foresight to start a cable system, Claude Stevanus, would recognize the need for “local TV.”    

The area was Tuscarawas County Ohio, a beautiful area of Northeast Ohio, but part of “the valley,” (which to broadcast engineers, translates to “coverage problems”). This is why Mr. Stevanus found a cable (or “master antenna system” originally) was truly needed. At the time, Tuscarawas County had a population of about 90,000 people, but no broadcast TV stations and limited radio. 

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