Greatest offers on Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Fitbit’s newest Prime Day smartwatch

Amazon Prime Day 2021 The sale is live and anyone looking for a new smartwatch can get a big discount on Amazon or sell their rivals. Walmart, Best buy And the goal..

Here are some of the great deals you’ve found on your smartwatch, including Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Samsung wearables. Keep in mind that some previous Apple Watch deals have already sold out or disappeared, but may come back.


This has advanced Fitbit Sense The model is ideal for tracking heart health, stress management, and even skin temperature. Available in graphite / carbon or white / gold colors and supported by Alexa or the Google Assistant. With built-in GPS and a battery that lasts more than 6 days, Fitbit Sense is $ 200 and more than 30% off.

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Equipped with GPS and Bluetooth, Galaxy Watch Active 2 Wrapped in a sophisticated aqua black design, it offers advanced health monitoring, long-lasting battery and fitness tracking. According to CNET’s Lexy Savvides, this second-generation model is Better value From the third generation. At a list price of $ 250, the score for this transaction is more than one-third.

If you need something a little bigger than your 40mm Apple Watch, you can save $ 79 on Amazon’s larger 44mm Series 6 model. Discounts are only available on Product Red models. Best Buy and Walmart save $ 70 on Apple’s price. BestBuy offers discounts in the same five colors as 40mm mode, and Walmart offers discounts in red and white. (Note: The previous transaction on Amazon for the 40mm Product Red model has ended.)

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Apple’s more affordable Watch doesn’t get as much discount as the Series 6, but you’ll find some deals. Amazon offers the Watch SE 40mm for $ 269, a $ 10 savings from the usual $ 279 price. Coupons are also available for some colors, saving an additional $ 30.

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Smartwatch transaction has expired

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The latest Apple Watch is available on Best Buy and Amazon with a $ 120 discount on the 40mm Product Red model, and up to $ 70 on other models. In addition to the always-on display and ECG, Series 6 monitors blood oxygen levels (although medical grade results should not be expected).

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Best deals on Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Fitbit’s latest Prime Day smartwatch

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