Israeli tech large to pay full various parenting prices for workers

Technology giant NVIDIA Israel has announced that they will financially support alternative parenting procedures, including surrogacy and adoption, for all employees regardless of gender, sexual orientation or marital status. 

The company, which develops artificial intelligence chips and platforms for a variety of industries and markets, announced on Wednesday that they will fund, without limit, any costs for surrogacy proceedings for any of their 2,500 employees who require it. 

They will also financially support any employees who wish to pursue alternative parenting methods such as adoption.

In July 2018, an amendment was made to the Surrogacy Act that allowed unmarried women to give birth through a surrogate, so long as it was medically necessary. The amendment was supposed to allow men from the gay community to pursue surrogacy, but it was withdrawn after public outcry.

Following the cancellation of the amendment, NVIDIA Israel announced a grant of NIS 60,000 and an extra month of maternity leave for any employee undergoing the surrogacy process. Three years later, they are expanding the program, removing the financial limits and financing the expensive procedure in its entirety. 

“The right to parenthood is a basic one and we are happy to announce this process especially now, on Pride Month,” said head of NVIDIA Israel’s HR department Gideon Rosenberg. “I call on more companies in the Israeli economy to take similar steps.”

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