Ivy Tech introducing new tuition mannequin to supply affordability, accessibility | Information

SELLERSBURG — Ivy Tech Community College is adjusting its tuition model to create equitable access for students.

The college recently announced its new Ivy+ model, which offers a fixed tuition and alters the price of textbooks to make them more affordable and accessible. Ivy Tech’s new tuition model will apply to all campuses, including Ivy Tech Sellersburg.

In addition to changing the tuition model, Ivy Tech is providing free textbooks for students during the 2021-22 school year with funding from the federal Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund.

The more inclusive tuition model will be a “game changer” for the college, according to Ivy Tech Sellersburg Chancellor Travis Haire.

One change involves “banded tuition,” which will mean that full-time students taking 12 credits or more will all receive the same rate, whether they are taking 12 or 15 credits.

Jodie Beatty, vice chancellor for student success at Ivy Tech Sellersburg, said this is a model that will reduce the cost of education and help students take more credit hours.

“That a lot of times is a model for success for students,” she said. “They are more successful with their grade point average, get more credits under their belt and can move more quickly to graduation. We really want to encourage that if we can.”

Part-time students will continue to pay per credit hour, but their tuition will be frozen over the next two years.

The new model involves the inclusion of required course materials like textbooks as a regularly assessed fee, so students will have access to textbooks right in time for classes.

Students will pay $19 per credit hour for books regardless of the subject as opposed to an average of $56 per credit hour, Beatty said.

They will also not have to worry about uncertainty regarding textbook cost — they will know exactly what they are paying.

“The biggest impact is they will have their books on the first day of class, which is especially important as we move to more 8-week classes — they are fast-paced, and if students don’t have their books on the first day of class they might fall behind,” Beatty said.

“This makes it a more equitable experience for students so everyone will have access on day one,” she said.The textbooks in the Ivy+ model will be in a digital format, but the college will have an option for low-cost physical books for students if needed. The free textbooks, along with the changes to course material costs in the new model, will be a huge help for students who might struggle with immediate access to materials, Haire said.”We know that’s one of the fastest-rising costs for students out there,” he said. “This is going to be a great opportunity to level the playing field to help our students.”

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