Prime Day Deal: As much as 43% Off Eufy by Anker Robotic Vacuums

You have enough things to worry about without fretting over the state of your floors. So forget backbreaking housecleaning and take up to 43% off Eufy by Anker robot vacuums this Amazon Prime Day.

The most basic of the three sales models is the RoboVac 11S, a compact, quiet machine that delivers powerful, efficient cleaning performance. Available in black or white, the $129.99 device ($100 off) measures just 12.8 inches in diameter and 2.8 inches tall—ideal for tidying under low coffee tables, couches, and media consoles.

While you won’t find features like app or voice control, a compatible remote makes it easy to see the current cleaning mode, time, suction power, and when your schedule is set. Plus, its BoostIQ technology automatically increases suction power within 1.5 seconds when extra strength is needed.

Unlike some robot vacuums, which rely on a methodical cleaning method, the 11S moves across the room with no clear rhyme or reason, but still manages to cover every nook and cranny. And without virtual barriers, you’ll have to section off areas the old-fashioned way: by blocking the vacuum’s path with something it can’t sneak underneath.

The RoboVac G30, meanwhile, fills in the gaps left by Eufy’s 11S, including a path tracking sensor and smart dynamic navigation. Similarly compact, the $199.99 (previously $319.99) G30 supports app and voice control, scheduling, and BoostIQ, as well as Alexa compatibility. A gyroscope helps the machine move in an orderly path, while anti-drop sensors prevent it from falling down stairs.

The G30 can detect when its battery is too low, autonomously return to its charging base, and pick up where it left off once it reaches 80%. All the while, users can keep tabs on their sweeper with the EufyHome mobile app.

A step up from the G30’s smart dynamic navigation technology, the high-end RoboVac L70 features laser navigation, 2200Pa max suction power, and support for boundary strips as well as virtual limits. For $319.99 ($230 off), you can enjoy complete control over customized cleaning across hardwood, marble, cement, and carpeted floors. Boasting an impressive 2.5-hour run time, the hybrid hoover can vacuum various surfaces and mop hard floors, so you can save time and effort on cleaning the house. 

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