Greenwald: WH and Massive Tech ‘paradoxically’ creating textbook ‘definition of fascism’ they declare to be towards

Investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald sounded off on Thursday about the Biden White House admitting it has joined forces with Big Tech entities like Facebook to censor what it dubs “misinformation.”

Greenwald, who notably broke the Edward Snowden-NSA civilian surveillance story, told “Fox News Primetime” that the apparent merger between large private business firms and a powerful federal government is a “classic definition” of economic fascism.

“I have been trying to make the point for well over a year now [that] lot of people think that this censorship is coming from executives of Facebook, Google, and Twitter, which really isn’t true,” Greenwald said Thursday.

The journalist added that Big Tech appeared cowed by liberal journalists “shaming” them for not censoring enough during the Trump era as the Democrats “increased in power” – while Democratic lawmakers kept summoning tech CEOs to Capitol Hill to further “threaten” them if they neglected to censor what the left considers “hate speech” or “misinformation.”

“It’s really a merger of state and corporate power which is ironically is the classic definition of fascism,” said Greenwald.

“We have heard so much about fascism over the last five years. This is what it actually is. And the people who say they are against it are actually now supporting it,” he said.

The increased concern over federal government interventionist actions came to a head earlier in the day when White House Press Secretary Jennifer Psaki essentially admitted the Biden administration is enlisting the Big Tech giants to quash speech they don’t like – or as host Pete Hegseth said, turning Facebook, Google and Twitter into “the de-facto censorship arm of the federal government.”

Hegseth noted Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, whose role is the nation’s chief medical doctor, spoke at the White House over the apparent epidemic of such “misinformation.”

Murthy noted that his office’s public advisories are saved for “public health threats” – such as the USSG’s lung cancer warning long denoted on tobacco packaging – but instead warned of the “insidious threat” that “misinformation” poses to public health.

“Misinformation, it’s always misinformation,” Hegseth said. “It’s a word that the Biden administration can’t get enough of. It’s Orwellian double-speak – deliberately ambiguous, so they can define it—always.”

Hegseth noted once again that Psaki, Murthy and Biden can essentially ask Big Tech to label whatever statements or images it wants to be “misinformation” – even if the facts therein are true.

He also remarked that “misinformation” has since supplanted “circle-back” as the spokeswoman’s buzzword-du-jour.

The host further added that President Trump – long derided as a purveyor of “fascist” policies by groups like Antifa, whose name is a portmanteau of “Anti-Fascist” – was essentially given a gift in his pending class action litigation against Big Tech.


Trump sued social media companies in Miami federal court earlier this month, claiming he and others to have been wrongfully silenced for their political beliefs.

“The White House’s admission today hammers home the point that President Trump is making in his class-action lawsuit against Facebook — that social media companies act as the de-facto censorship arm of the federal government,” said Hegseth. 

“I hope the Trump team makes this clip ‘Exhibit #5,000’ in their lawsuit. They just came out and said it.”

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