Former Trump aide bidding to unseat Dem says younger individuals ‘brainwashed’ by Massive Tech, must step up

A former Trump aide bidding to run for office told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday that the younger generation is “brainwashed” by Big Tech, the media, and other institutions.

“My generation is absolutely brainwashed by Big Tech, by the mainstream media, by Hollywood, by cancel culture, and by higher education.” said U.S. Congressional candidate Karoline Leavitt, R-N.H. “Our taxpayerfunded teachers are indoctrinating our students – not educating them.”

Leavitt, 23, would be the first Republican woman to be elected as a representative of New Hampshire. If she wins, she would also be the youngest and would unseat a Democrat incumbent.

The former spokeswoman for House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik and former assistant press secretary for former President Trump, is running for Congress in the First Congressional District of New Hampshire, vowing to serve as the “conservative firewall” between the Granite State and Democrats in Washington.


Leavitt, who was born and raised in Atkinson, N.H., returned to the Granite State last month from Washington, D.C., to “step into the arena and fight.”

She’s one of several Republicans aiming to unseat Democratic Rep. Chris Pappas, who has represented the district since 2019. Pappas won reelection in 2020 by five points in a battleground district that could see an infusion of GOP voters after once-in-a-decade redistricting, which the Republicans control in New Hampshire.

Leavitt, an alumna of Timberlane Regional School District, Central Catholic High School in Lawrence, Mass., and Saint Anselm College in Manchester, served in the Trump administration as an assistant press secretary under Kayleigh McEnany, where she says she “fought against” the mainstream media to “advance the administration’s America First policies.”

Leavitt said she will advocate for school choice due to taxpayer-funded teachers “indoctrinating students” instead of educating them. 


Leavitt argued that Republicans are “losing with her generation,” considering that they “overwhelmingly” voted for President Biden in the last election.

“If we want to change that trend, we need to start electing young candidates to the office to start changing some minds,” Leavitt asserted. 

Leavitt went on to add, “Young people built this great nation. Our founding fathers were young when they signed the Constitution. The men who stormed the beaches of Normandy and turned the tide of the World War were young.”

Fox News’ Brooke Singman contributed to this report.

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