Republican Confidence in Large Enterprise, Tech Declines, Ballot Finds | Politics

Big business and tech have lost the confidence of Republicans over the last year, a sharp reduction from just a year ago, a new poll shows.

The Gallup poll found that the percentage of Republicans expressing “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in big businesses has declined by 12 percentage points in the past year to 20%.

Strong confidence among Republicans in Big Tech fell even more, declining 18 percentage points in the last year to 17%.

Additionally, a smaller share of Republicans continue to express even “some” confidence in business and large technology companies.

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The last year has seen an increase in Republicans expressing “very little” or no confidence in the industries. That share has increased by 18 percentage points for big business and 23 percentage points for tech.

This results in an overall net-negative confidence in both Big Tech and big business, versus one year ago when Republicans had a net-positive outlook on both industries.

In Gallup’s most recent poll, net-confidence in big business is -17%, compared to last year’s +13%, a change of 30 percentage points. The decline is even worse for tech companies, with net-confidence at -29%, compared to last year’s +12%, representing a decline of 41 percentage points.

While Democrats also have net-negative confidence in big business, the party’s confidence has actually increased 12 percentage points over the last year from -35% in 2020 to -23% this year.

Conversely, Democrats express more confidence in large tech companies, but it has dipped recently. While 33% say they have a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in big tech, a growing share say they have very little or no confidence, 23% compared to last year’s 16%.

While their net-confidence remains positive, it fell from +20% in 2020 to +10% in Gallup’s most recent poll.

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