Value biding time for large performs

Texas Tech inside receiver Myles Price (18) is shoved out of bounds by Kansas defensive back Kyle Mayberry during the Red Raiders' 16-13 victory last year. Price had a 70-yard touchdown run in that game. The two teams play again Saturday at Kansas.

Before the season, at a reporter’s prompting, Myles Price said his goals this year included 800 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns. Texas Tech’s second-year slot receiver has a lot of ground to cover if he’s going to get there.

“I’m definitely confident,” Price said Tuesday. “I’m just staying patient and when my number’s called I’m trying to do my best to make that play, so more plays will come.”

Tech continues to lead the FBS in plays from scrimmage of 40 yards-plus (16) and plays from scrimmage of 50 yards-plus (11). Taking only pass plays into account, the Red Raiders still sit third (12) and second (nine) in the FBS, respectively, on passes of 40 yards-plus and 50 yards-plus. 

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