Tech Moguls Again GoodLeap’s Inexperienced Housing Push With $12 Billion Valuation

Tech Moguls Back GoodLeap’s Green Housing Push With $12 Billion Valuation

Americans are going to need at least $450 billion to turn their homes green in coming years, says entrepreneur Hayes Barnard, and he wants to get it to them. Mr. Barnard, a former top executive at SolarCity Corp., raised more than $1 billion in the past 10 months from tech investing luminaries like Michael Dell … Read more

Michael Dell can be ‘throughout’ crypto if an adolescent right now

Michael Dell would be 'all over' crypto if a teenager today

In 1984, at 19 years old, Michael Dell started Dell Technologies out of his University of Texas dorm room with just $1,000. Today, he’s grown the company into a tech behemoth with a market value of nearly $80 billion. But if Dell was starting out in 2021, he’d likely dabble in a different kind of … Read more

Tech Founder Michael Dell Is Navigating a Altering Trade

Tech Founder Michael Dell Is Navigating a Changing Industry

A decade ago, the rise of smartphones and tablets seemed to spell doom for the Dell computer company, which had tried to enter both markets without success. (Does anyone remember the “phablet”?) By 2012 Dell’s market share for PCs had eroded to just over 10%, and its share price had sunk below $9, from around … Read more

How Michael Dell Turned His Declining PC Enterprise Into A $40 Billion Windfall

How Michael Dell Turned His Declining PC Business Into A $40 Billion Windfall

After years battling Silicon Valley skeptics and Wall Street adversaries, Michael Dell has pulled off the deal of the century, borrowing and flipping his way to a $50 billion fortune. His biggest ambitions lie ahead—and they have nothing to do with space. by Antoine Gara Sitting at the headquarters of his Austin, Texas–based philanthropic foundation, … Read more