‘Actual beacon’: battery tech firm to listing on UK market in first for College of Sydney | Renewable power

A developer of new low-cost, fire-resistant battery technology spun out of the University of Sydney is set to list on the London Stock Exchange. The company, Gelion plc, will be the university’s first market listing anywhere when it is scheduled to begin trading on the bourse’s Alternative Investment Market on November 30. It raised £154m … Read more

Researchers group with business companions to enhance tech connecting renewable vitality to energy grids

A recent grant from the Department of Energy’s Small Business Innovation Research program pairs two Binghamton University faculty members with two tech firms trying to better capture the electric power generated by wind- or solar-powered technology and storing it for later use.

As the effects of climate change escalate and countries around the world set goals for reducing greenhouse gases, renewable energy has become the path to a cleaner future. However, one challenge is capturing the electric power generated by wind- or solar-powered technology and storing it for later use, like when the weather is calm or … Read more

Colorado needs to turbo-charge renewable vitality tech with new “Glo Park” – The Fort Morgan Instances

Colorado wants to turbo-charge renewable energy tech with new “Glo Park” – The Fort Morgan Times

The Polis administration hopes to turbo-charge Colorado’s status as a renewable energy center with a business park where academics, industry and government researchers can collaborate on cutting-edge technology. The Global Energy Park, or “Glo Park,” is planned on about 100 acres next to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden. A series of land swaps … Read more

Biden pitches renewable power tech as key to tackling local weather disaster in Colorado go to | Information

Biden pitches renewable energy tech as key to tackling climate crisis in Colorado visit | News

President Joe Biden on Tuesday touted technology emerging from a renewable energy lab in a Denver suburb as a central component of his plan to combat climate change while modernizing infrastructure and creating good-paying jobs. “Yes, we face a crisis, but we face a crisis with an unprecedented opportunity to create jobs for the future,” … Read more

Hello-tech wood floors can flip footsteps into electrical energy | Renewable vitality

Scientists have developed technology that can turn footsteps into electricity. By tapping into an unexpected energy source, wooden flooring, researchers from Switzerland have developed an energy-harvesting device that uses wood with a combination of a silicone coating and embedded nanocrystals to produce enough energy to power LED lightbulbs and small electronics. This device, called a … Read more

Science & Tech Highlight: Renewable Ocean Power

Science & Tech Spotlight: Renewable Ocean Energy

Why This Matters Renewable ocean energy has the potential to reduce global carbon emissions from fossil fuels by 500 million tons by 2050, and could also meet the energy needs of isolated communities, which may not have access to reliable electricity sources. However, the technologies can be costly and more research is needed to understand … Read more